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Hi there, welcome to my market place. Feel free to look around, we buy domains, sell domains & list domains. Focus on keyword domains, brand-able, casino, niche, etc.

Focused on the most brand-able names 

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              Allow us to help, your web name shows who and what you are to the world. We focus on brand able, hard to find and unique names.

 Built like a rock, under pressure from an entire mountain.   The pressure gave up and BrandAdot(Diamond) was born. 

              The last couple years of my life have been very rough from 2016-2018 both of my parents passed away and it was devastating to my family and I. I learned everything about domaining from watching my dad for the last 20 years and now he was gone. It also put all of our domain's aside for a long time(losing a few really valuable domains in the meantime).   

         When I sold LadySlots.com, SierraGames.com BettingUS.com it gave me enough free time and liquid cash to really get back to what I loved. I decided to put all my free time (what there is of it having 3 kids 14, 4 & 3 plus work 60 hours a week) I pretty much put all I could, it was make it or break. My family depended on me so now the pressure was on and after time I could tell if I would sell my portfolio or have success selling my domains!

         I started Domain Lords LLC August 16th, 2018. In the time since starting the LLC we have been very successful and more than humbled by the help & support the GoDaddy team and Afternic team has given to me along the way. Shortly after the creation of the LLC I acquired BRANDaDOT.com sparking yet another stepping stone but this time a positive one, being opening up my new market place.

        BRANDaDOT.com is unique in the aspect I only want the best of the best domain names or websites for sale here. I am not marketing to be the biggest and baddest market. I am look for the 1% of unique brand-able names left on the market that if used properly can make a significant impact to a business or user. I am only marketing to end users, no wholesales or tire kickers. They are welcome here if they are trying to broker a deal for a client but BRANDaDOT.com is only for High-end and highly valuable domain names.

Thank you for the time you spent reading this